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  • RT @NieRGame: [Update Transmission] Ticket information has been updated! Chicago Tickets on sale Oct 10th at 10am CDT https://t.co/J6hM6e… 07/Oct/2019 13:16:12
  • RT @NieRGame: [Incoming Transmission] #NieR:Orchestra Concert re:12018 will premiere in Chicago, London & Bangkok on four special dates.… 07/Oct/2019 11:04:54
  • Play Battalion 1944 for free this weekend! (ends October 7th) Jump into the fray now and try the game:… https://t.co/dYhvmtswMP 03/Oct/2019 17:30:11
  • RT @finalfantasyvii: Is #FinalFantasy VII Remake your “Most Wanted Game”? Well give #FF7R a vote for just that, at this year's @GoldenJoys… 01/Oct/2019 15:44:18
  • RT @FinalFantasy: Why exactly did the original #FinalFantasy VIII team decide to create a ballroom scene in the game? Find out from direc… 30/Sep/2019 13:09:17
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