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  • RT @SquareEnix: So that’s where the word “OCTOPATH” comes from! :O Meet the amazing cast of heroes in #OctopathTraveler, now on Steam! 👉… 25/Jun/2019 13:05:16
  • RT @FF_XIV_EN: One of these guys is determined, strong, and agile. The other is @HannibalBuress. Watch @TomHolland1996 become the Warrior o… 17/Jun/2019 17:41:04
  • RT @SquareEnix: Here's a snippet from Inside #TheLastRemnant in which executive producer Akitoshi Kawazu (creator of the SaGa series) talks… 17/Jun/2019 13:45:53
  • RT @finalfantasyvii: Direct from #E32019, Yoshinori Kitase, Producer of #FinalFantasy VII Remake, tells us all about the vision and scope o… 14/Jun/2019 17:00:04
  • RT @Outriders: Find out more about Outriders from the @PCFPeopleCanFly team behind it. Expect more information this Winter. https://t.co/… 11/Jun/2019 15:19:31
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