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  • RT @ManaGame: Check out these new stunning HACCAN illustrations created for #TrialsofMana! The @SquareEnix Blog introduces you to some o… 13/Nov/2019 15:21:22
  • RT @finalfantasyvii: We asked #FinalFantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase for a concise explanation of how summons work in #FF7R, an… 08/Nov/2019 14:43:26
  • RT @ManaGame: In #TrialsofMana changing your character's class not only grants them new abilities, but also changes their appearance too! πŸ‘€β€¦ 04/Nov/2019 16:04:19
  • RT @KINGDOMHEARTS: This #Halloween, the Square Enix Blog is celebrating the spookiest, kookiest part of #KingdomHearts - Halloween Town.… 31/Oct/2019 18:25:22
  • RT @ManaGame: πŸŽƒ This doesn't look Gourd! πŸŽƒ Happy #Halloween from all of us on the #TrialsofMana team! https://t.co/CPM9p1hZAz 31/Oct/2019 14:08:40
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