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  • RT @KINGDOMHEARTS: As seen on today’s #StateofPlay, here is the latest #KingdomHearts III Re Mind DLC trailer! The Re Mind DLC will be ava… 10/Dec/2019 15:29:47
  • RT @BabylonsFall_EN: Take an early look at BABYLON’S FALL, revealing its fluid action gameplay and striking art style. A ground breaking p… 10/Dec/2019 14:46:07
  • RT @ManaGame: A renowned swordsman on a path of vengeance & a young princess striving to prove her worth. Two characters who can make up y… 09/Dec/2019 14:09:26
  • RT @finalfantasyvii: In #FinalFantasy VII Remake, the leader of the anti-Shinra group Avalanche is Barret Wallace, take a look at him right… 06/Dec/2019 16:43:45
  • RT @StarOcean: Launching today! The groundbreaking first entry in the #StarOcean series triumphantly returns! Reunite with beloved allies a… 05/Dec/2019 15:22:31
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