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  • RT @StarOcean: STAR OCEAN First Departure R, the very first entry in the #StarOcean series - setting course for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.… 25/May/2019 13:29:07
  • RT @Battalion1944: The full release of Battalion 1944 is now live! With the usual initial server teething pains out the way the game is ali… 24/May/2019 15:26:17
  • RT @SQEXCollective: Battalion 1944: Eastern Front has now launched on PC with 20% off! https://t.co/f3YpCwcrGu https://t.co/DNRMWyovXF 23/May/2019 19:02:20
  • RT @SquareEnix: Olberic A former knight of a fallen kingdom. A fateful encounter provides a reason for him to once again swing his blade.… 23/May/2019 16:06:05
  • RT @FinalFantasy: There are many elements that make #FinalFantasy such an enduring series: the amazing characters, the wonderful stories an… 23/May/2019 14:24:42
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